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Tuesday 11 May 2010


I have been absent. I have been writing. I have had deadlines.
I will update you. I will tell you. I have a book out.

It's available from The Knives Forks and Spoons Press.

Wednesday 24 February 2010

today childishly: to play

face- face a window. faced pulling a
a- a face. a window face. this is a pulling
window- window face a pulling. this laced
pulling and laced under a- a face this a
pulling and pulling under a- a laced faced this

a- a
face- face

Tuesday 9 February 2010

To be performed in the dark.

Shifting of a lighted this is in the dark.
Moving up a this is in the dark.
Regulating a, this is in the dark.
Grey and graying this is in the dark.
Pixels. This is in the dark.

Fore Him


For present is over etched and through
For present in ever governed and open
For present as presenting from

Looking out, out this looking out not from
eager reluctant nuances from a speaker
This this look of over non omnipresence
enforces a list of apparent means and
gains over upon a glacier

Surface: remain in presence with a kind
To blend or struggle from this is current is
currently now is currently engiven
Queation of
Caution of
Now a non elegant decode springs over
Can I gasp over you towards your breast
Haven and having require a non justify
letting home daze
For between line on top lip and ove a
memory lies



Urge fighting over an offensive construt
No not but in and in between of lying
For dusken and pale and waivering eye to
tell of the
Can I not breathe on him
This over knowing and whincing is
Right foot outstretched leaning feeling
and it is this between
In eye is blood gainst forward thinking
belief present in his tone
The male for ignore vindicates
Refuses a body non belonging
For aside and it will remain aside is where
I construct emotion
I negotiate emotion
I exchange emotion



Choice: lying still right side for drawn in
Sheeted meadow refrains over skinn
Dawn akin to dawn afear to dawn
Crusted over follicle aside to gasp
Not, can tremble through? Just.
Forgaven move to repeat trustingly
If bended over playerist and concurrent
Would be negatively forced on
Risked and risking
Fore presently is over
Fore presently in ever
Fore presently as presenting



Prevented ever upping through kindle
Operating husk rub the rub
Garment ardoured hurl it in
Hymen, fortret handed grabbing
Ah there is the rub.

Gentled drawn been invented cited
Can I tell you now?
Can I tell you now?
Can I tell you now!
Can I tell you know.
Gentled drawn seen intended site

Presented: evenly this sunday
Covered through a dotted line
This one morning fronted her voice
Covertly planting this seeded justly
This landed beaded voled and outed

You him
You in



Transitory. Camen. Hoisted. Blunted.
Groanded. Rebuked. Engorged.
Flantered. Pulcited. Tounted.

Rested in now and around, lay playing I
Lay playing.


Time has prevented this. Time now pended it.


There in a thud of mummy I done it with pink tights
I done it let me see
Together is living crossed wheels
This carriage
Petal draw lines cross
Missing bended
The yellow tinted include every up one-
Are in whited outside
Discs the you your the
Connections with

Connections with
Connections with

Connections with

Shall we dance
we dance

Wednesday 9 September 2009


Serialise IIII

So this is the way
In the new in the dancing in this light its all oh so complicates

Take a breathe

Is the last echo on the echo_ness of a twisted in FABULOUS this is clear
For now this
Fore now this
This is yet to be found in doubt
In his suitcase offer it up
Offer it out
Now tell me things sweerheart
I never use it do you?
There there there's dancing
And now not with one
Wathholding holding
To puzzle in the air he sais hed be in
This is a good by for a sadd
The thought of the next is simply the simple over to a can vie a vie be viewed by me?

Forgaven is past of forging it over in appendix

To crause to let to be is oh so sincere sin searing sealing

Word played

Let's focuss now on the y in the x


Forgave again and wait a sign of a tender sticks of education
For withstanding the sstill novelty is problematic for u and your sort


I give permissions to roll eyes
After all

Then again worry of a bitter kinder sameness is floating
Withstanding the plenty in y in ai in e
Granulating fast forward fore the same picture pisel me in

For eyes in 123456789 sew

Mi me sounds the same

Forging it forging it forging it forgeting it forging it forging tit
This tilt in personal shift is needed to build you
Build here
Diagram a follow section 6 screw and pull and did I mention push
Flat pack at its best
Fore fore fore fore for her!

Thursday 3 September 2009


Serialise III--------

Where in the is this the
And re_curring of cur
Add to a nt is not positional
Dare for a severe look

compositional ly lie lying for
Four placing plain ai po-Rrund
Have a forward face taping
She curved shoulder V tappered
Elegantine in ice in I in
Top for toned singing around guarded forward fasting in pace

Place he said it has place
On a mountain by a window in a book
For glacing four glancing this is adequate
Dimensions of a push pull relationship stretch forward
Emoticons in dialectical context stretching not without a judge
Deafining for dear in some sum

There he there on corner there in tea there in betting there in phone there in him there in

you he was there in there in push there in pull
Not forward to but to forge in now

Enclave for last wishing in hand head
For rest in easy
Fore from
Raw in forging under uctuating
non no in
provided Fortuna non forcome
one for one for one for one for

There he there on corner there in tea there in betting there in phone there in him there in

There it there; angle there in I in the bet there in you the telephone there in him there in

By the fact that there there there with the corner his over there with the over there you bet there there by the telephone with him there in

Wednesday 26 August 2009

to sum up

01:34 pasley pattern blue lit grow
Broader as I a solitaire
pounding on drum the smell

of a freckle works hard
define a hand going understand
this water engraving is wood distancing

my god give me your arm soft
on foot the patchwork
coming undone on pink sheets

eight white align
between candles degrading
my hair to a bottle. Fall into a red

beside battery a basket for ease
inverted lines make me feel
TERME is telling dried brood

Tissue drawers are mine
Crosses the all too sensible
Maybe rewind and his girl has

Folds yet to be completed
Will this
Once you’ve been
Gained a circular pace doesn’t

Leave high heels to a proposal
She cried for four days
Latches you

Ghosts on a bus persuade
Never make am I a line
Paper elastic to contrasting duration-ability

Irash enal

Same place tomorrow
That is the make then situation
Hotels future broader the light